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Chad Ochocinco: Carson Palmer Pulling A Power Move

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It's generally believed that Chad Ochocinco won't be with the Cincinnati Bengals next season. As for the reason, we can't pinpoint exactly what. A distraction maybe? Perhaps $6 million being too much for an aging wide receiver that was largely ineffective last season. Or maybe it's to accommodate Carson Palmer, if you believe rumors. Regardless, Chad joined Buck and Kincade on WCNN in Atlanta to talk about why he's not changing his name, his thoughts on the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Carson Palmer.

First off, his point about changing his name back to Johnson was simply to "piss off the people at ESPN." Fine by us. We hold no special love for them. When asked about Carson Palmer not coming back to Cincinnati, Chad said:

“When someone like Carson, someone quiet that grows a random beard now and then, when he speaks you listen, especially when it’s out of character. It’s one of those situations where you know he’s not playing and he’s frustrated. What we call it, where I’m from, is he’s pulling a power move.”

Asked if the Bengals can turn it around, Chad said:

“It’s unfortunate. … Things have been bad. They’ve been bad since I’ve been there, they were bad before I got there. At some point things have to turn around. They have to. You have to think about the Colts organization, Tampa Bay, everyone’s gone through their times, the Raiders. Cincinnati, at some point in time, is going to revive itself.”

Check out the interview, courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews.