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NFL and NFLPA Agree to Seven-Day Extension on CBA Negotiations

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The NFL and NFL Players Association agreed to a one-day extension, on Thursday, in hopes that the two sides would come to an agreement and avoid a lockout. While they didn't come to an agreement, they did decide to extend the deadline again, this time for seven days.

The two sides will not meet over the weekend, but will resume negotiations on Monday in Washington. Even though this isn't great news, it's still good news. If the two sides weren't close to an agreement, it's likely that they wouldn't agree to extend the negotiations for a week. Instead, we would probably be hearing news about the CBA expiring and the owners locking out the players.

This is also good news for the Bengals. As Joe Reedy points out, if a deal can be struck by Friday, the Bengals can finally focus on some of their issues that would require a new CBA to be agreed upon.

If both sides can get a new CBA done by next Friday, that means we can finally focus on the futures of Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco. If things fall apart, get ready for a long series of litigation as the union decertifies, the league challenges it in court and both sides don’t come back to the table until late July.

Also, during this seven-day extension, there are no team transactions allowed. Luckily the Bengals already made qualifying tenders to Johnathan Joseph, Brandon Johnson, Nate Livings and Brian Leonard. If they had not done so at this point, they would not have been able to.