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Bengals Hall of Fame Lineman, Anthony Muñoz, Leaving for USO Tour

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Arguably the greatest Bengal player in the history of the franchise, Anthony Muñoz, the only Bengal to be enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, is leaving the United States and heading to the Persian Gulf to meet American soldiers with three other big NFL names for a USO tour.

Three former players with a commitment to community service will soon embark on an NFL-USO tour. ESPN analyst Merril Hoge, ESPN and NFL Network analyst Matt Millen and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Anthony Muñoz will travel to meet and greet members of the U.S. military for several days in the Persian Gulf.

The NFL and USO have a long 45-year relationship. The league has sent players to Vietnam, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Somalia and other countries throughout their partnership in an attempt to bolster the spirits of those protecting American freedoms. Last year, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis went on a USO tour along with Brad Childress, John Fox and Andy Reid, traveling through Afghanistan and Germany.

Of his involvement with the USO, Muñoz said:

"It's an honor to be with the men and women who protect and serve our great country," said Muñoz. "They are the true heroes, and I have heartfelt gratitude for them."

While we're on the Muñoz subject, here's my interview with the Bengals greatest player... if you're interested.