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Bengals Coach Lewis on Carson Palmer and Cam Newton

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Marvin Lewis is a man of few words, especially when it comes to things that we all want to hear about, like the Carson Palmer issue. Until we hear something from Palmer himself or from Lewis or team owner, Mike Brown, everything will be a shade of gray instead of black and white.

When he does talk, Lewis is a word magician. When asked about the situation between Palmer and the Bengals, he bumped his dexterity way up with some sort of potion and did some impressive oral acrobatics.

"As I said (last week), and unfortunately I spoke too much about it, the situation is what the situation is," Lewis said. "We’re excited about doing football with the people we have when that time comes and not worry about other things. We all have opportunities, choices and decisions to make in our lives."

Even though Lewis' hair may be turning gray before immediately falling out of his head as a result of the ridiculous amounts of stress that goes along with being the Bengals head coach, he did seem "encouraged" about his trip to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Especially about his conversation with Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

Lewis talked about his 15-minute interview with Heisman Award-winning quarterback Cam Newton: "I think there was a different guy there than what everyone had an opportunity to see up there when he was asked other things. He did some nice things and talked about football. You’re looking at the whole person and the football player."

Until the NFL and NFLPA come to a new CBA, talking about trading Palmer or Chad Ochocinco is pointless but it's safe to assume now, at least in my opinion, that Palmer will not be taking the snaps for the Bengals in 2011. If that's the case, could Newton be the next man in?

Both Newton and Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett have their pro days on Tuesday and I doubt that the Bengals won't be watching intently. One of those two young men may be the future quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals.