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Bengals Have Worst Winning Percentage Within AFC North

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AFC North
AFC North


The AFC North, consisting of Super Bowl winning teams like the Steelers and Ravens and the NFL Championship (before there was a Super Bowl) winning Browns, is considered one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. And, the only team to exist in this division that hasn't won some sort of NFL championship are your Cincinnati Bengals.

So, of course it should come as no surprise to find out that, in the history of the AFC North, the Bengals have the lowest winning percentage within the division. What may come to a surprise to you, though, is who has the highest winning percentage.

James Walker tweets:

Random AFCN thought: #Browns (.549) have all-time best win % in the division, which is a credit to their past. Cle hasn’t won much since '94less than a minute ago via web

That's right. The Browns, of all teams in the AFC North, have the highest winning percentage of any team in the division. However, Walker points out that it isn't because of recent success. The Browns were a power house in the NFL for a long time before they became the team you know them as today.

Walker continued:

The #Ravens are second (.535), but they’re still a very young franchise. The #Steelers (.520) are third, and the #Bengals (.435) are fourth.less than a minute ago via web

So, when it comes to winning within the division, the Browns have the highest winning percentage, even though it's not due to recent success, the Ravens have the second highest, then the Steelers and finally the Bengals. What is even worse than being in last place, though, is the fact that the Bengals are also the only team in the division who's winning percentage is under .500.

With all of the awesome off season news about Carson Palmer demanding a trade and the entire franchise hinging on entering a new era with a new, and likely unproven quarterback, not to mention many players possibly heading to other teams via free agency, it's unlikely that the Bengals will be boosting their division winning percentage any time soon.