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Best Seventh Round Draft Picks During Marvin Lewis Era: Number One - Chinedum Ndukwe

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We are currently ranking the best players based on the round that they were drafted during the Marvin Lewis era. We've finished the first two rounds. Now we're finishing with the seventh round first. #5 is Ethan Kilmer. #4 is Clinton McDonald. #3 is Scott Kooistra. #2 Jonathan Fanene.

#1 Chinedum Ndukwe

Not only was Chinedum Ndukwe not the team's first seventh round pick during the 2007 NFL Draft, he was two players removed from being the final selection in the entire draft, selected 253rd overall.

Having played 53 of 64 possible games, Ndukwe has started 31 games, mostly as a result of injured starting safeties before him on the depth chart. That being said, Ndukwe has been an effective safety with the Bengals, recording at least an interception and multiple quarterback sacks in each of his first three seasons with the Bengals. Ndukwe has also posted three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries in his career.

Pro Football Focus rated Ndukwe as the team's best safety in 2010, even though he missed the final four games of the season.

The Bengals will have to make a decision on Ndukwe, who could be an unrestricted free agent when a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed.