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Zbikowski to Ochocinco: I'd Let Him Know What a Jab Feels Like

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Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco likes to talk, whether it's on the football field or not. He's challenged UFC great Anderson Silva to a match for charity and he even challenged, as a joke, his head coach, Marvin Lewis, to a steel cage match.

Finally, somebody is challenging Ochocinco to a fight.... a real fight.

Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is also an amateur boxer, boasting a 75-15 record, and he wants a piece of Ochocinco in the ring. First, on the Dan Patrick Show, Zbikowski mentioned his idea for the fight and said, "I’d let it go for about 45 seconds and then I’d let him know what a real jab feels like."

After hearing about Zbikowski's challenge, Ochocinco responded the way he always does... on Twitter.

Ochocinco caught wind of Zbikowski’s remarks and said on Twitter: "You wana go nite nite, you want to box me, for 1 your feet are to slow and you’ve no hand speed to even be competitive."

Shortly after Ochocinco's Twitter tirade, Zbikowski made it official, as in Facebook official.

Dear Ocho Cinco (I won’t call you Johnson cause you only get one name change in my book), thanks for following my career…You and me at M&T Bank Stadium, charity four-round boxing match. You wear Orange and Black and I will wear Purple and black. If we do it in May, that should give you enough time to get ready…You game?

While all of this sounds ridiculous and we would all assume that an amateur boxer would beat up on Ochocinco pretty badly, Joe Reedy reminds us that the Bengals wide receiver worked out for two years with Los Angeles boxing trainer Freddie Roach and he works out in gyms in Cincinnati when he's in town. So, if it happens, it might not be the blowout that we'd all expect.

We'll keep you updated on this important, breaking news.