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Joe Reedy: First-Round Mock Draft

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The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy just completed a mock of the first round of the upcoming NFL draft. This draft will blend in with all other mock drafts that float out there on the vast internet ocean, but that hasn't stopped us at Cincy Jungle from scooping it up and throwing it in your face. So, here we go.

With the first pick in the draft, Reedy predicts the Carolina Panthers will select Cam Newton with their No. 1 overall pick, then the Denver Broncos will select Marcell Dareus with the No. 2 pick. Then he predicts that the Buffalo Bills will select linebacker Von Miller with the No. 3 overall pick. Then, with the No. 4 overall pick, Reedy believes that the Bengals will select.....

Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green. After the Bengals, Reedy had Blaine Gabbert going to the Arizona Cardinals and then Patrick Peterson heading to Cleveland.

Of the pick, Reedy said:

With the fourth spot in the draft, the Bengals still have a lot of options. They could go quarterback, defensive line, cornerback or wide receiver. In this case I’m going with the player I have been saying the Bengals should pick since the season ended.

Reedy also wrote though that this was a first draft and many factors could change the draft including the Panther's need for a defensive lineman as well as a quarterback.

There are a lot of factors that will influence what happens in various mock drafts, including this one, over the next seven weeks. Seven teams in the top 10 need quarterback help, including the Bengals. Blaine Gabbert did not work out at the combine but his pro day at Missouri is on March 17. And then there is Carolina, who could go quarterback or defensive line.

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