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SB Nation Mock Draft: Bengals Select Blaine Gabbert

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This is not in reference to the Cincy Jungle mock draft that initiated this week.

Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy has the Bengals selecting A.J. Green in his mock draft. So does ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. So does's Rob Rang and Chad Reuter. So does NFL Network's Charles Davis. It's getting to the point that if someone doesn't have the Bengals selecting George wide receiver A.J. Green in their respective mock drafts, something is dangerously wrong. Shall we debate if selecting a wide receiver with the fourth overall pick for a team revising themselves as a power rushing offense could be a bit of a waste with so much defensive talent there for the taking -- talent the Bengals equally need? Nah. No debate necessary. Mock drafts are for fun and debate.

Regardless, one site close to Cincy Jungle has the Bengals selecting a quarterback with their fourth overall pick.

SB Nation's Mock Draft has the Bengals selecting quarterback Blaine Gabbert fourth overall in their latest revision. The reasoning is simple. Carson Palmer demands trade or else he'll retire. No matter what, Palmer isn't playing for the Bengals in 2011 and the team will now need a quarterback. The logic makes sense, but does the pick?

Let's go back a week to speculation by Geoff Hobson that he doesn't expect the Bengals to draft a quarterback in the first round.

They want a guy that has a good enough arm to stretch the field, but above all is accurate and smart and is going to be protected by the running game. They don’t need a Heisman Trophy winner, but a quarterback. No. 4 looks too high for it right now.

And in our opinion, using the same logic, so does Green.