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Former New York Giants Running Back Tiki Barber Coming Out Of Retirement

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Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber retired after the 2006 season because he didn't want to face a serious injury and, well, he was just bored with the game. Barber thus pursued a career in broadcasting. In his final two seasons ('05 and '06), Barber averaged 1,761 yards rushing, averaging 5.2 yards/rush. In his final three seasons, Barber scored 27 rushing touchdowns and 31 touchdowns overall.

Why does this matter?

According to management agency, Maxx Talent, Barber has already filed papers to come out of retirement on Tuesday. Barber is 35 years old.

Much like the Carson Palmer discussion we had over the weekend, the Giants will rights to him until he fulfills the contract, unless they don't want him. UPDATE: They don't want him.

Bernard Scott is the only Bengals running back signed through 2011. Cedric Benson has said he wouldn't mind returning and the Bengals have tendered Brian Leonard, who is currently a restricted free agent -- even if the Collective Bargaining Agreement redefines Leonard as an unrestricted free agent, the team's tender that requires a second round compensation is enough of an indication of the view they hold on Leonard.

So. Tiki Barber. Yay or Nay?