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Cincy Jungle: Favorite Football Movie Tournament Round Two Continued

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The Waterboy
The Waterboy

The Blind Side made it's way past Gridiron Gang to make it to the semi-finals last night. Tonight we have another great match-up between No. 20, The Waterboy and No. 17, Varsity Blues.

First, a little about the match-up.

The Waterboy got to this point by being the first upset in the tournament, defeating No. 5 Jerry Maguire in the first round by receiving 67 percent of the vote. Of course, you know that Jerry Maguire received your vote to be redeemed from all the movies that lost in the first round to go to the semi-finals.

You can see the trailer for The Waterboy here.

Varsity Blues was another movie that pulled off an upset in the first round, beating No. 8 The Longest Yard (1974), by receiving 65 percent of the vote.

You can see the trailer for Varsity Blues here.

Which team will represent their first-round upset in the semi-finals: The Waterboy or Varsity Blues? Vote to find out.