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Dolphins Legend Likes the Idea of Palmer in Miami

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Miami Dolphins hall of fame quarterback Dan Marino, who many people believe is one of the, if not the greatest quarterback of all time, thinks Miami should pursue Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, for the right price, of course.

"I’ve always liked Carson," Marino said after addressing sports business executives. "For a third-rounder, I would do it."

While Marino still believes in Miami's young, but unproven, quarterback from the University of Michigan, Chad Henne, saying that "giving up on him would be a mistake," he knows the value of having a talented quarterback like Henne sit behind a veteran signal caller like Palmer.

"He has what it takes to be a starter," Marino said Wednesday. "He had an off year last year. I’m pulling for the kid."

Reports surfaced in March that the Dolphins may be interested in acquiring Palmer. Dolphins beat writer for The Miami Herald, Armando Salguero, wrote that Palmer is head and shoulders above any quarterback the Dolphins could hope to acquire in free agency or in the draft.

Palmer is different.

He’s unquestionably better than Chad Henne. He’s not Tom Brady, but he’s head-and-shoulders above the other quarterbacks who might become available. He’s not a Pro Bowl player but he would be the second-best quarterback in the AFC East. He’s not Peyton Manning, but if he’s put in the right situation, he could help make a mediocre team a playoff contender.

The lack of a CBA and the current lockout would prevent the Dolphins and Bengals from making any kind of deal for Palmer, but that likely wouldn't matter because Bengals owner Mike Brown has repeatedly stated that he will not be dealing Palmer, even though he's threatened to retire.