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Walker: Bowers Good Fit in Cincinnati?

Let's take a step away from Carson Palmer (you're welcome) and the wide receiver debate for a moment and talk about something else that we haven't talked about in a while: the possibility of the Bengals being interested in using their No. 4 overall pick on a defensive lineman.

ESPN's James Walker specifically brings up Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers, who led the nation in sacks last season with 15.5.

While many scouts have been concerned about injury concerns with the defensive end, Bowers claims that he is 100 percent healthy. This may place Bowers back on the Bengals first-round radar.

Cleveland is extremely thin at defensive end, and Bowers would have a good chance to be a Week 1 starter for the Browns. With the Bengals, the thought of pairing Bowers with second-year defensive end Carlos Dunlap (9.5 sacks) in Cincinnati could be dangerous.

If Bowers would be taken at No. 4 by the Bengals, he would pair up with Dunlap and wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks. It would also free up Michael Johnson to play some outside linebacker, and possibly take over the position if Rey Maualuga makes a permanent move to middle linebacker.

I would hate to be a quarterback facing a pass rush of Da'Quan Bowers, Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson from the outside linebacker position and Geno Atkins in the middle.

Of course, the Bengals medical staff will need to do the exact opposite of what they did when they signed wide receiver Antonio Bryant, before they make any type of decision on the talented pass rusher.

Of course, the medical portion would have to check out for either team to spend such a high pick on Bowers. So it will be up to Cleveland and Cincinnati's medical staffs to do its homework over the next several weeks.