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Question Of The Day: Trade Back First Round Selection To Acquire Julio Jones And Additional Picks

Deception. Hoaxes. Hustlin'. Ruses. Smokescreens. It all applies during the NFL Draft. With the fourth overall selection, the Bengals can select virtually the best prospect at any position. At the very least, the second-best. Take wide receiver for instance. Many point out the team's need for a receiver while promoting Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green as the best receiver in the draft -- if not the most talented receiver during recent drafts. Alternatively, opponents will point out that the team has enough receivers this year, but a severe lack of play-makers on defense.

Last month Sports Illustrated's Peter King wrote that the Cincinnati Bengals had Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones ahead of Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green on the team's draft board.

I'm told the Bengals, who have the fourth pick and are considering a receiver, have Jones ahead of Green on their preliminary draft board.

The philosophy is a difference between overall effort with Jones (good blocker and practice player) and athleticism with Green. There are few that will support Jones being the better receiver and even fewer suggesting that Jones is the best value at the fourth spot.

So why not make a trade with a team that's inside the top-12, swap first round picks, draft Jones and maybe pick up a later pick (like a third or fourth round selection)?