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UPDATE: A.J. Green Is Not Visiting Cincinnati This Week

Earlier on Monday we posted a story that A.J. Green will be visiting the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, according to a report by Dayton Daily News' Carlos Holmes. As it turns out, the report is inaccurate. According to a source, A.J. Green is not scheduled to make a visit in Cincinnati this week.

This doesn't mean that Cincinnati's interest in the wide receiver isn't there; only that the Bengals won't be hosting Green on Monday.

This isn't the first time we've been told one thing from Carlos Holmes only to see something else happen.

On November 17, Holmes wrote a story that the Bengals signed defensive end Bobby McCray. That proved to be inaccurate. A March 2010 report stated that Bobbie Williams, who was an unrestricted free agent, was close to signing a contract. Even though Williams did eventually sign a month later, Holmes' report was somewhat disputed with Williams reportedly testing the waters and in a holding pattern with the Bengals.

We're not throwing Holmes under the bus, but we're finding it harder to trust the sources he's using.