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Joe Goodberry and John Thornton Discuss the Bengals and the Draft

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Recently, former Bengals defensive tackle and current All Pro Blogger John Thornton has been sitting down and chatting with different draft experts and bloggers about the upcoming draft and the Bengals. Most recently, our own draft expert, Joe Goodberry, had a chance to sit down with Thornton to discuss the Bengals and who they should take in the draft.

The two discuss everything from the Bengals possible pick in the first round (Blaine Gabbert versus A.J. Green) and even discuss the possibility of Alabama running back Mark Ingram falling into the second round and whether or not they should take advantage of that situation or draft a quarterback, and which quarterback that should be. Joe also breaks down his top-10 picks and, well....... just watch.

Part one:

Part two:

Make sure you keep checking in on Thornton's blog for more interviews with draft experts before the actual draft on April 28.