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Bengals Preseason Schedule Released

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The NFL announced their preseason schedules today and The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy tweeted the Cincinnati Bengals' schedule.!/joereedy/statuses/57895825724018688

This preseason Bengals fans will see some familiar foes and some new faces in this year's preseason schedule. The Bengals have played the Lions 35 times before the regular season start throughout the franchise's history. They hold an 18-17 edge over the Lions throughout their history of preseason games, but the Lions have won the last two and they've also won six straight opening preseason games, a steak they'll look to continue to tie up their preseason record with the Bengals.

The Bengals also close out their preseason by playing the geographically closest team, the Indianapolis Colts, for the eighth straight year, playing them every year since 1992 except for one. 

The Carolina Panthers have played in Cincinnati only once, in 2006 (Bengals won 21-17) and never in the preseason before. Even though many think that Cam Newton will be a Bengal in 2011 and Marvin Lewis thinks he has "it," if the Panthers select Newton first overall, Bengals fans will get to see, in person, what they missed out on, or what they're happy they dodged.

The Bengals finish their preseason schedule with the Jets who they haven't played in the preseason since Carson Palmer's first year in 2003 when they lost to the Jets 28-14.

Of course, it's uncertain right now as whether or not any of these games will even get played because of the current lockout.