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Possibilities of Andy Dalton Landing in Cincinnati

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The Bengals have a need for a quarterback; that’s obvious and it's becoming a dead topic. Everyone who follows the Bengals and football are more than aware of the Carson Palmer versus Mike Brown showdown that doesn’t seem to have a clear end in sight, except for the end in which Carson Palmer retires.

One potential fix for the Bengals could be Andy Dalton from TCU where he led the Horned Frogs to a Rose Bowl victory against the favored Wisconsin Badgers this past season.

Neither ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper nor Todd McShay envision the TCU quarterback coming off the draft board later than the No. 35 pick, the Bengals' second-round pick. So if he’s still available the Bengals might have some interest in selecting Dalton in the early second round

ESPN analyst Jon Gruden had Dalton attend one of his QB camps where Gruden assessed Dalton’s athletic skills, decision making, and overall play.

During the camp Gruden only had one moment of criticism for Dalton, that being from his Rose Bowl appearance against Wisconsin where Dalton was attempting to extend a 14-0 lead, but missed a wide open receiver in the flat. Gruden later referred to Dalton as "one of the great decision-makers in college football history."

Dalton has shown poise in the pocket and an ability to make accurate passes down field that could make him a hot commodity during the draft. Those type of traits and skills are ones that will only help Dalton’s stock rise before draft day arrives. Throughout his collegiate career he's demonstrated a decision making ability that helped bring himself and TCU to the spotlight.

During his college career Dalton passed for 10,314 yards, 71 touchdowns, and he completed 61.5 percent of his pass attempts. Those type of numbers make him a very attractive piece of the puzzle for any team, especially a quarterback hungry team like the Bengals.

It remains unclear as to which potential quarterback the Bengals are eyeing to select in the draft, but one thing does remain clear, with each passing day the quarterback class for the 2011 draft is looking more impressive and captivating.