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Lockout May Move Back Super Bowl Date

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The NFL is intending to have a full campaign of football this year, even if the lockout pushes back the start of the season. During a conference call with Cleveland Browns season-ticket holders, one of many such discussions he has been staging to placate fans, commissioner Roger Goodell revealed what the league has in mind in case the season is delayed: moving back the date of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis from February 5 to February 12 and eliminating the extra week between the end of the conference title games and the championship game.

"We prefer not to do it, but you always have that option," Goodell said, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. "Right now we want to play the schedule as it's laid out."

With the full 2011 NFL schedule to be released before the upcoming draft in less than two weeks (preseason schedules were just released), it's nice to know the league is finally thinking ahead.

From a fan perspective, rescheduling the season this way has a lot of appeal. That bye week stinks anyway -- it feels interminable, and the rampant media over-analysis of the match-up and the anticipation of the commercials are excruciating. Plus, moving the Super Bowl to the 12th will help us all remember Valentine's Day and inspire more quality entertainment like this.