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The Cincinnati Bengals Work Out UCLA Safety Rahim Moore

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Before Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer made an attempted power play at a trade, threatening retirement, the position of safety was arguably the largest hole on the Bengals roster. Of course, one could make a case for wide receiver, offensive line or possibly even running back, but the Bengals have been weak at the safety position for a few seasons, especially when defending against the pass.

Fortunately, the Bengals seem to be planning to address the position in the upcoming draft. Recently, they held a private workout with UCLS safety Rahim Moore.

ESPN Draft Tracker ranks the All-American, who finished his career at UCLS with 140 tackles and 14 interceptions, as the best safety in this year's draft class. However, they also consider him as the No. 38 overall prospect, meaning he should fall to the second round (the Bengals have the No. 35 pick).

Is a bit undersized and will never thrive playing near the box. Also has some trouble getting off of blocks on occasion. Takes very good angles in deep pursuit and typically takes solid angles when filling from the high point. Not an explosive hitter but does a good job of breaking down and wrapping up quickly in space. Doesn't hesitate as a tackler. He closes in a hurry and will hog-tie ball carriers around the ankles. Occasionally will fail to wrap up because he has left his feet, and the few times we've seen it on tape it has been against smaller ball carriers.

Moore may not be the best safety to defend against the run but he would be useful when defending against the pass, which is where the Bengals really need help. Unfortunately, it's likely that Moore would be off the board when the Bengals make their second round pick and the only way they could probably select him, while still being able to find a high quarterback and wide receiver, is by trading their No. 4 overall selection to acquire more picks.