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Summarizing All-Time Bengals Bust

We've spent some time over the past two weeks discussing some of the team's biggest draft busts. Don't worry my friends. We'll start a series on draft successes next week, leading up to the draft weekend. We believe in positive thoughts and our thinking is, with draft success the Bengals will draft a highly successful player. It works like that, right?First, let's recap the draft busts.

Three of the top four busts we selected ended up being quarterbacks, all of whom were designed to become franchise quarterbacks. Obviously, they never did. Three linebackers were also featured, one of whom never signed with the team after being drafted. The other two, David Pollack and Odell Thurman, had careers that never played beyond their rookie seasons for respective reasons.

We also featured three running backs, two of whom dealt with injuries that seriously reduced their overall production and talent and Archie Griffin, who was simply disappointing after a stellar collegiate career. The final player is a wide receiver who was tremendous in college, but didn't come with more production than, say, a wide receiver drafted in the seventh round of the NFL Draft. Though injuries took their tool on Peter Warrick too.

We had honorable mentions, like Kenny Irons, Greg Cook, David Verser and Dan Wilkinson (mostly because he was just a dick). Regardless, he's our list. What does your list look like?

  Player Draft Overall Position
1 Akili Smith 1999 3rd Quarterback
2 David Klingler 1991 6th Quarterback
3 Ricky Hunley 1984 7th Linebacker
4 Jack Thompson 1979 3rd Quarterback
5 Odell Thurman 2005 48th Linebacker
6 Chris Perry 2004 26th Running Back
7 Archie Griffin 1976 24th Running Back
8 Ki-Jana Carter 1995 1st Running Back
9 Peter Warrick 2000 4th Wide Receiver
10 David Pollack 2005 17th Linebacker