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Jordan Shipley Would Love To Have Carson Palmer Back

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Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley, drafted in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft, enjoyed a productive rookie season in the NFL. His 52 receptions and 600 yards receiving ranked first among AFC rookie wide receivers and he was one of three receivers on the Cincinnati Bengals that posted 600 yards or more in 2010. Shipley is the first Bengals receiver to led AFC rookies in yardage since Darnay Scott in 1994 and the first Bengal to tie at least all AFC rookies in receptions since Carl Pickens in 1992.

In his NFL debut against the New England Patriots, Shipley caught five passes for 82 yards receiving. His career-game came several weeks later, his first game since his concussion against the Browns. Against the Atlanta Falcons, Shipley posted 131 yards receiving on six receptions, including a 64-yard touchdown reception.

Now that his season is over, the young receiver has had time to look back.

On Sunday Shipley was the keynote speaker in Abilene, Texas for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-Star Banquet. Reporter-News' Evan Ren had the opportunity to sit down with Shipley for a variety of questions. One of which was how big was the jump from college football to the NFL.

"The main difference in the NFL is that not only do you have a bunch of great athletes, but they're all experts at their positions. Every game you're playing against someone who not only knows what they're doing, but they know everything about what you're doing also.

"That's all these guys do, so it makes it very difficult to get an advantage."

But of course, the obvious Carson Palmer question was asked.

"I'd love for him to be back. Carson is a great guy, we're good friends and I'm definitely wishing him the best and the best for his family.

"I'd like for him to be back, but we'll see what happens. I'm sure the organization will do what's best."

Oh, how young.