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Question Of The Day: Is Johnathan Joseph A Top-Ten Cornerback?

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Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph isn't as good as we've made him out to be, apparently. According to ESPN's Power Rankings, the free agent cornerback didn't even make's top-ten cornerbacks in the league. After an (almost) Pro Bowl season in 2009 which included six interceptions, 13 passes defensed, only one 100-yard receiver and an opposing quarterback rating of 67.8, Joseph dealt with injuries in 2010 that didn't give him the year he had hoped. Yet, Joseph didn't give up a 100-yard receiver in 2010, allowed only three touchdowns, picking off three passes and allowing a passer rating of 81.3 against quarterbacks targeting receivers he covered.

Yet the question is, should Joseph be listed as the top-ten cornerback in the league? Maybe. Maybe not.

He's not going to unseat Darrelle Revis, Nnamdi Asomugha or Charles Woodson. Antoine Winfield, a three-time Pro Bowl cornerback, had as good a season as any cornerback last season, not allowing a touchdown or a 100-yard receiver. Asante Samuel held opposing quarterbacks to a passer rating of 43.8; in six games last season a pass wasn't even attempted to the receiver he covered. Tramon Williams recorded nine interceptions. Devin McCourty picked off seven. Considering he's a rookie and how much we gust over successful rookies, you might as well say McCourty picked off 52 passe... per game.

On the other hand, DeAngelo Hall allowed eight touchdowns and a passer rating of 105.8; receivers caught nearly 75% of the passes thrown their way. Champ Bailey? Meh. Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan allowed five touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 97.1.

Would you rank Joseph in the top ten of NFL cornerbacks today?