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Cincinnati Bengals QB Jordan Palmer Stepping Into a Leadership Role

While Carson Palmer wishes to stay silent about his trade demands, his pending retirement, his house being for sale, his new wristwatch or even his new haircut, Jordan Palmer is more than happy to talk -- of course he's more than happy to talk about anything other than his brother.

Jordan Palmer, who likely knows more about what his brother's plans are than anybody else, is seizing his opportunity to become the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011. His first step was to fly the majority of the Bengals receivers to where he played high school football, Mission Viejo, Calif., where he set them up in a hotel, so they can practice together.

"I’ve got them staying in a hotel, got a trainer and everything set up for them," Palmer said. "It should be good and take some steps in the right direction. It’s my first thing, really, as a leader. I want to be the guy, so I’m just trying to do those things."

Jordan Palmer, who has only completed 10 passes in his career and has no touchdowns and two interceptions, was promoted from the third string quarterback in 2009 to the second string in 2010. The only other quarterback on the Bengals roster is Dan LeFevour, who hasn't stepped foot on an NFL field during a regular season game.

If the season started right now, it would make sense that Jordan Palmer would be on the field with the first string offense. He's the No. 2 quarterback and without a No. 1, the No. 2 guy is obviously the new No. 1. Of course, the draft could, and probably will, change things. If the Bengals don't select a quarterback in the first two or three rounds of the draft, it would be more surprising than the ending of "Se7en" and when we found out that Edward Norton actually was Tyler Durden all along all wrapped into one big M. Night Shyamalan movie (one of his early ones).

When the Bengals draft a quarterback, he'll likely be told he has to compete for the starting job with Jordan Palmer and LeFevour, but there's probably no chance that he'll be anything but the Bengals new No. 1 quarterback. However, that's not stopping little Palmer from preparing like he's going to be the new No. 1.

"I’m going to prepare like I’m the starter until somebody tells me I’m not," Jordan Palmer said. "If you’re the backup and the starter gets hurt or is traded or retires, you’re next in line. That’s the natural progression."

"A lot could change with my situation next week," Jordan Palmer said.

While little Palmer spends his time throwing to Bengals receivers next week in an attempt to step up and be the new leader of the Bengals offense, big Palmer will be sitting in his new California home, with his feet up on the coffee table. I wonder if there will be any awkwardness when the family meets for Easter.