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Bengals Schedule Analysis Part II: Welcoming The AFC South

If the first quarter of the season reminded us of the historical impotence that were the Cincinnati Bengals, the second quarter of the season will... remind us of the historical impotence that were the Cincinnati Bengals. Though not as dramatic in week 8 and 9, the matchups against the Jaguars and Colts represent an epic example of oppression from thy enemy.

Three of the four games during the second quarter of the season feature AFC South teams in Jacksonville, Indianapolis and Tennessee.


The Bengals have played the Jacksonville Jaguars three times since 2002. At first I was going to write that the Bengals have lost two of those three games, but it's much worse than that. Dating back to the second meeting in 1996, the Bengals have only won three of the previous 14 meetings against the Jaguars. And none of those three wins were by more than five points.

The previous meeting in 2008, the Bengals broke their eight-game losing streak during a 21-19 win, largely thanks to Cedric Benson's 104 yards on the ground through a punishing 24 attempts.

Yet if you thought losing 11 of their previous 14 games against the Jaguars was bad...

WEEK 6 (October 30) - COLTS AT BENGALS

The Bengals have never beaten a Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts team. Never. For the most part it hasn't even been close. Of the previous seven meetings between the two teams since Manning has taken over, the Bengals have lost by a margin of less than a touchdown once -- last year's 23-17 loss. Additionally, the schedule makers haven't been kind to the Bengals, having only scheduled one game at Paul Brown Stadium in the previous eight meetings.

The Bengals last beat the Colts happened in 1997 with the last win in Cincinnati coming the year before. I was still in high school.

Just when you think the Bengals have had issues with Peyton Manning, we come to the overall concern. The Bengals have only won eight of 24 games in the all-time series between the two teams.


A slight reprieve, the Bengals are 8-9 all-time against the Seattle Seahawks. Sounds great, doesn't it? No long-time losing streaks. No, last time the Bengals won was during the Clinton Administration points. Good enough, right? Well, maybe not.

Cincinnati beat the Seahawks in five of their first seven meetings in the all-time series, which means they're 3-7 dating back to 1989. The Bengals have lost three of the previous four meetings dating back to 1995.

The last time the Bengals beat the Seahawks in Seattle was a 20-17 overtime win in 1994.


The history between the Titans and Bengals goes all the way back to the team's inaugural season in 1968. Back then the Titans played in Houston. And back then they were known as the Oilers. A hated, heated rivalry throughout the 70s and 80s. Games were always tough and always close.

It would have been a shame if the twice-a-year meetings would come to an end. Then the Oilers moved north, re-alignment soon followed and the series lost all of its luster.

Even though the Bengals have won two of the previous three meetings dating back to 2005, the Oilers Titans lead the all-time series 39-31-1.