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Georgia Wide Receiver A.J. Green Visiting Cincinnati Today

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Word surfaced that the Cincinnati Bengals were hosting Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green last Monday; a report that turned out to be wrong. That didn't mean Green wouldn't be coming to Cincinnati or that the interest level suffered somehow -- as over-analyzing prospects tends to do. It just meant he wasn't visiting last Monday. Case closed, right?

Until today.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, Green arrived in Cincinnati Tuesday night for a scheduled visit with the team on Wednesday.

Green, who is projected to be the top wide receiver in the draft, had dinner with the Bengals in Athens, Ga., the night before his March 22 pro day. Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and receivers coach James Urban were at Green’s pro day.

The interest level is obviously there. And we're fairly certain that the Bengals could be leaning towards selecting Green in the first round and a quarterback, like TCU's Andy Dalton or Florida State's Christian Ponder, in the second. Then a safety in the third? Please god, a safety.

We've also promoted the idea that the Bengals should explore trading their fourth selection with another team in the top-ten in the draft to acquire picks and select Julio Jones instead. That way the team selects another receiver that they're interested in while acquiring additional picks to help fill gaps on the roster.