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McShay Mock Draft 6.0: Cincinnati Bengals Select A.J. Green

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Six. Six mock drafts. Ought-ought. After your "wow what an awesome Count von Count impression" response, you begin (if you actually didn't bother reading the title) to wonder whose mock draft we're talking about.

Save for his first mock draft in early November, ESPN's Todd McShay has never wavered from the Bengals selecting Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green in every posted mock draft.

On Wednesday, McShay released his sixth mock draft of the season and you'll be shocked at whom he selected.

He picked A.J. Green again.

There are reports that the Bengals think Alabama's Julio Jones is a better fit in their version of the West Coast offense, but I think Green is on another level in terms of explosiveness and ball skills.

Every year towards the NFL Draft, he adds scenarios, substitutes based off reports that's surfaced during the offseason.

For example, if the Bengals do not select Green, then the team's second scenario would be to draft Julio Jones.

His third scenario:

There are conflicting rumors about whether the Bengals are ready to move on from the Carson Palmer era and I've heard offensive coordinator Jay Gruden likes both Newton and Gabbert, so quarterback is not out of the question. I'm also hearing they are high on TCU's Andy Dalton, so keep an eye out for a trade back into the late first round.