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Join Us for the First Cincy Jungle Draft Party

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Folks around SB Nation, myself included, been up night and day planning an event that involves Cincy Jungle, the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, beer, food and awesome Bengals memorabilia that we're going to give away... that's right give away.

Here's what we've come up with:

The First Ever Cincy Jungle NFL Draft Party!

It's kind of an obvious name right? Well regardless of the name, it should be a lot of fun. Here are the details:

The event is going to take place at Willie's Sports Cafe on Glencrossing Way. We'll be surrounded by 24 TVs and the folks at Willie's were gracious enough to offer us drink specials ($2.75 24oz domestic) and food specials (half price appetizers). The actual draft doesn't start until 8 p.m. but the event will start at 6:30 p.m. Why so early, you ask? We're starting an hour and a half early so I can give you stuff.

We at Cincy Jungle are generous. Not only do we update you with all of the Bengals news on the web, we're planning on giving away some great Bengals memorabilia with different raffles before the draft.

Here's what we'll be giving away:

  • A pair of Rey Maualuga autographed football cleats
  • A Rey Maualuga autographed mini-helmet in a case
  • A Carson Palmer autographed 8x10 photo (I know, I know)
  • A Keith Rivers jersey (black)
  • A Bengals tailgating kit
  • A gift certificate for Madden '12

The event is free and you can RSVP and print your ticket (just so we can get some sort of for the bar headcount) here. I'm looking forward to watching the draft with the rest of the Cincy Jungle community. Come on out to Willie's and have a good time. When the Bengals make their pick, we can either celebrate or be disgusted together.

It should be a lot of fun. See you there!

UPDATE: Willie's Sports Cafe welcomes all ages, so you don't need to be 21 or older to attend.