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Reggie Nelson "Grinding" in FLA

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Since we have nothing to say about what Bengals players are doing on the field, we're left to dig up news about how they're occupying their downtime during the lockout. Some of their pursuits are just amusing, like Dhani Jones's Gilbert Gottfried impression, while others are more peculiar, like Chad Ochocinco's workouts/happenings with soccer team Sporting Kansas City. Despite guard Andrew Whitworth's fears that the lockout will turn players into fat slobs, we're also getting some encouraging reports that a number of Bengals players are making strides to stay in playing shape during their football hiatus. We recently heard about baby Palmer organizing a Cali workout with the some of the team's receivers. Now we're getting news out of Florida that safety Reggie Nelson is also doing his best to keep game ready by working out with other NFL players at High Intensity Training in Jacksonville.

A former Palm Bay High and University of Florida alumnus, Nelson was a first round selection of the Jaguars in 2007. After a disappointing run with Jacksonville, Nelson was traded to the Bengals last preseason and played well when pressed into full-time duty. Having now resurrected his career, Nelson is making sure to keep himself on point. When asked about whether the lockout is having any direct effects on him, Nelson replied:

 "It's not affecting me at all. I only can control what Reggie can control. What I mean by that is, let them handle (the legal issues) and I'm doing my part by staying in shape. When the lockout is released, I'm going back into my organization in shape."

I didn't know a great deal about Nelson before his trade to Cincy last season, but after a valiant performance and hearing him talk about himself in the 3rd-person, I'm really starting to grow fond of this guy. It's hard not to when he replies like this when asked about his experience in different organizations:

"See ball, get ball. Same game," Nelson said with a big smile. "There isn't too much that's changed. I'm loving it in Cincinnati. What happened happened -- you can't keep looking back and worrying about what's in the past. You've got to look forward and keep moving."

How are you doing that, Reggie?

"I'm just grinding, grinding, grinding, trying to stay in shape," Nelson said. "Hopefully they get this thing situated and we go back to playing football -- and what Americans love."

Yes, Americans do love us some football, but what you're telling me is that while we've had reports of NFL players getting sued, thrown out of malls, and arrested during the lockout, Bengals players are being responsible, self-governing, and professional athletes preparing diligently in anticipation of next season?

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Well, I'm sure that at least Andre Smith is using his time to uphold the long tradition of Bengal under-performance.