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Because He'd Lack Support: Boomer Esiason Feels Sympathy For Blaine Gabbert If He's Drafted By The Bengals

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Former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason has been known to rip the Bengals, especially Chad Ochocinco, in the past. We figured it was out of love for his former organization, expecting nothing but the best, resulting in bitter disappointment when they fail to meet those expectations. You know, kind of like a fan.

In a conference call with TXN Sports with Esiason and Cris Collinsworth, the former wide receiver predicted that the Bengals will select Gabbert fourth overall . And if that happens, Boomer would feel sorry for Gabbert.

"I have to completely sympathize with Blaine Gabbert if he does get drafted by the Bengals," Esiason said. "I do believe he would make a great fit there, but as Cris and I both know, he is going to have to be a better player than advertised in order to be successful there because of the lack of support."

After the 1991 season, Boomer demanded a trade to Bengals President Mike Brown after Sam Wyche left the organization. After being asked to play another season so the Bengals could draft and groom a quarterback, Esiason was finally traded to the New York Jets, thus beginning the worst era of professional sports.