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Could the NFL Take Control of the Cincinnati Bengals Away From the Brown Family

Don't get excited. This article isn't meant to get Bengals fans riled up and hopeful that they may soon find their favorite franchise handed to somebody who will hire a general manager to make all the right decisions and put the Bengals in the Super Bowl. This is actually something that I first noticed on Who Dey Revolution and found it interesting enough to share my two cents on the topic.

Here's the news: Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has seized control of the Los Angeles Dodgers, taking power away from current owner Frank McCourt. It doesn't seem as though Selig has taken control of the Dodgers because of a lack of competitive baseball in Los Angeles, but because of McCourt's finances and a messy divorce between he and his wife.

"I have taken this action because of my deep concerns regarding the finances and operations of the Dodgers and to protect the best interests of the club," Selig said in a statement.

Selig is expected to appoint an MLB representative to manage the team for the time being and may actually have the power to force McCourt to sell the Dodgers to a new owner. Of course, McCourt is planning on appealing the decision.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, one has to question if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to seize control of an NFL team the way that Selig has the Dodgers.

All Bengals fans have heard the grumblings. You've heard somebody, somewhere, at some time say that Goodell should take control of the Bengals away from Mike Brown, or at least force him to hire a general manager, on the grounds that the Bengals don't field a competitive team.

I'm sure that Goodell does have that sort of power, but that kind of power won't be used in Cincinnati. Selig would not have been able to take control of the Dodgers away from McCourt if the Dodgers' only problems existed on the field. Likewise, Goodell will never be able to take control of the Bengals away from Mike Brown as long as the Bengals' problems only exist on the scoreboard.

If we ever found out that Mike Brown runs an underground clan of teenage ninjas that all wore the same outfits with pantyhose over their faces -- let's call them the Foot Clan -- and he started dressing in weird clothes covered in knives and started calling himself Shredder, or something like that, then Goodell may be able to seize control of the Bengals, but until that happens (it won't), we'll be stuck with Mike Brown.

Being a bad general manager isn't going to be enough for Mike Brown to lose his franchise to the NFL. Being a bad business man might, but we all know, if there's one thing Brown knows, it's how to run a business.

So, if some of you are finding hope in Bud Selig's move to take control of the Dodgers away from its owner, don't. The circumstances are completely different and I can personally guarantee (that's a Garrisontee) that you'll never see the same thing happen in Cincinnati.