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Rick Gosselin Mock Draft: Cincinnati Bengals Select Von Miller At Number Four

Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin's mock drafts are generally noted for their level of accuracy; not that he correctly predicts every selection, mind you. But his mock drafts are as accurate as any nationally recognized NFL Insider. So would it be a surprise to anyone that in his latest Mock Draft, Gosselin has the Cincinnati Bengals selecting Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller? No. You're lying. No soup for you, jerk. The truth is, Miller hasn't been reportedly attached to the Bengals in any way and there's been no reports of a visit or workout; though that could be meaningless in all reality because the team is often secretive in nature with whom they're interested in.

And honestly, I've haven't considered it. We've been so focused on quarterbacks, wide receivers and Patrick Peterson that the idea of an outside linebacker that posted 10.5 quarterback sacks, won the Butkus Award for the best linebacker in the nation and first-team All-American last season didn't even dawn on most of us, outside knowing that he's there and likely selected in the top-five. Most mocks, however, have Miller going to the Buffalo Bills, which could make this prospect pointless for Cincinnati.

The Bengals do have a need at outside linebacker, filling a void left by Rey Maualuga's likely move to the inside if Dhani Jones doesn't return -- or comes back as a backup linebacker helping Maualuga. There's s a popular opinion that Roddrick Muckelroy could be that player, but Miller rotating in as a third down pass rusher creates additional pressure along with last year's rookies Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins. It's an interesting idea -- and not one I'd fight if the team went that route.

Over the weekend I was at a Penn Station waiting for my sandwich (call me, Penn Station, for a mutually benefit sponsorship deal!) when this Sports Science aired on ESPN.