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Veterans Of Cincinnati: Ickey Woods Coaching Professional Woman's Football

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While he doesn't much care for touchdown celebrations in today's game, former Bengals running back Ickey Woods is a Cincinnati man, living in the city, recovering from knee replacement surgery and coaching the Cincinnati Sizzle women's professional football team. One of the players on the team is his ex-wife.

We have a good rapport. She knows on the football field she has to do what I say. It ain't like it was when we were married and she could try to show out a little bit, because I'll cut her [butt] in a minute. Now I would. Back then, we were married so I couldn't cut her. But, no, we have a good rapport. We have fun. We've still got babies to raise, so we keep it sociable.

But how does one of the biggest Bengals icons go to coaching a women's professional team?

Actually, my ex-wife, now, told me she was going to try out for the team. And I was being sarcastic, saying, "Yeah, right. If they need a coach, I'll help coach." She came home from the tryouts, talking, "Honey, guess what?" I was like, "Oooh, no. I will not be coaching women's football." "You said you would, you said you would." I said, "All right, I'll give it a try." To my surprise, there're a few ladies who can play the game. It makes for a good game, women against women.

In six seasons of existence, the Sizzle has gone 10-38, going winless in two seasons and finishing at .500 only once. Their 2011 season began in April with two straight losses.

Woods is also the owner.