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NFL Draft 2011: Bengals Held Private Workout With Quarterback Blaine Gabbert

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According to reports ranging from Joe Reedy to National Football Post and Pro Football Talk, the Cincinnati Bengals have conducted four private workouts with quarterbacks -- Auburn's Cam Newton, TCU's Andy Dalton, FSU's Christian Ponder and Idaho's Nathan Enderle.

They've also hosted visits with quarterbacks Ryan Mallet, Blaine Gabbert, as well as Newton, Ponder, Dalton and Enderle.

So really all that was left was to get a private workout in with Missouri's Blaine Gabbert.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, the Bengals have already conducted that private workout per Marvin Lewis.

The NFL Draft is roughly four days away from this point and there's no real momentum on whom the Bengals will select. The popular theory is that the team will go after a wide receiver in the first round and select a quarterback in the second.

However, with recent news (aka, possible smokescreens), Ponder and Dalton could be first round selections, possibly forcing the Bengals to select the fifth available quarterback. Or more practically, make a trade somewhere to position themselves late in the first round. Now that you've stopped laughing...

Which makes it all the more likely that Cincinnati could draft a quarterback in the first round. My Facebook readers are going to love that.