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Talking Bengals Draft on the Radio

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I was recently invited to join Jonas Mount and Big Ben on WSPO 1390 A.M. on Southern Sports Now to talk about the Cincinnati Bengals and their first round draft needs. After some jokes, we got to the meat and potatoes of the conversation: who the Bengals should use their No. 4 overall pick on.

While we agreed that the Bengals' biggest draft need is a new quarterback, I said that taking a quarterback with the fourth overall pick would be a big reach. When asked what the safest pick for the Bengals would be, I said it would be LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, or for the Bengals to trade down for more picks.

However, I also said that I didn't think the Bengals would go after Peterson or trade down, instead I said that what they would probably do is select Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green in the first round.

Before I say too much, though, you can listen to the audio of the interview here (if the link doesn't work for you, right click and save the mp3 to your computer and open from there to listen).

I'll be on the air again on Tuesday with The Wise Guys on Asheville, North Carolina's ESPN radio 1310 A.M. So, if you're in the Asheville area, tune in tomorrow around 5:45 p.m.