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Sorry Carson Palmer: No Trades Until Decision On Stay

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Federal Judge Susan Nelson ruled in favor of the players on Monday, issuing an injunction that would lift the owners imposed lockout. As the Bengals-centric fans that we are, this begs the more immediate question.

Can Carson Palmer finally be traded?

Not right now, no.

After the Player's victory on Monday, the NFL immediately filed a stay with Judge Nelson. NFL's Greg Aiello said that "we do not intend to start the league year until we have had an opportunity to seek a stay." No NFL league year. No trade. If she favors for the players again, not granting a stay, then a new league year starts and trades are allowed to happen. In the meantime, the league could "appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis".

So yea, the lockout is over for now. But until the NFL begins the new league year, there's no chance for the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer.

And yea, we totally avoided the fact that there's absolutely no indication that Mike Brown hasn't laughed off his chair after being asked about Palmer's trade demand.