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PFT: Coaches Are Not Allowed To Speak With Players During Injunction

Even though no trades are allowed until Judge Nelson rules on the stay that the league is filing, we wondered if coaches could contact players. For example, could Jay Gruden, the Bengals' newest offensive coordinator, contact players to talk about the new offense that will be implimented this year?

Perhaps wide receiver Jerome Simpson has a question while working out with receivers and quarterback Jordan Palmer this week. Pick up the phone, dial 1-800-Gruden and ask for clarification on the terminology.

Why not? He's with the other receivers and a quarterback, hopefully working with a condensed version of the playbook they reportedly received before the lockout. Since the lockout is lifted, player should be allowed to speak with coaches, right?

According to Pro Football Talk:

...teams are telling coaches not to talk to its players while the NFL is in labor purgatory. That means if players are able to get in team facilities on Monday, like Steelers safety Ryan Clark and some others plan to, the coaches will have to avoid them.

Right. We expect it to happen somewhat like this. Mike Zimmer strolls down the hallway, humming "whistling while I work." Life is good. The sunshine peaks through the rain-induced flooding and Marvin Lewis received some of his demands when he signed a new deal.

Unexpectedly Rey Maualuga appears around the corner, shouting, "Hey, coach I have a question about my new duties as the middle linebacker. When we call..."

Suddenly Zimmer whips out a glock, points it at Maualuga with a nervous twitch. "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here." As Maualuga approaches, Zimmer draws the hammer. "Stay away from me, man", Zimmer pleads. "Stay. Away."
"But coach!"

Zimmer CRASHES through the wall into the team's scouting room (aka, broom closet) and suddenly the memories of another life overwhelm him. Who is Jason Bourne, he asks himself...