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John Clayton: Bengals Carson Palmer Will NOT Be Traded To The Seattle Seahawks

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Carson Palmer is going to be traded to the Seattle Seahawks. That's a rumor that's been floating for several months now. Why Seattle? Basically because the Seahawks could use a quarterback if they do not re-sign Matt Hasselbeck and the whole the Pete Carroll connection. People that blog on the Seahawks are making the same claims, as is Los Angeles Times' NFL columnist Sam Farmer, who writes.

When the dust settles, I think there's a good chance Carson Palmer winds up in Seattle.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

This goes back to Sports Illustrated's Tony Pauline writing on January 24, 2011:

Word is the Seahawks could be in the bidding process for Carson Palmer if the Bengals deal the disgruntled veteran. Palmer was coached by Pete Carroll late in his college career, and most feel it is a natural fit.

We're not sure if Farmer is coming from grumblings inside either organization or if he's just making a wicked decision to throw it against the wall to see if it sticks.

Why does this seem unlikely? Beside the occasional unsubstantiated report that's never followed up with confirmation about the team relenting, Mike Brown has routinely denied any interest in trading Palmer. We have had no reason to believe otherwise and if there were negotiations happening behind the scenes for a trade once the new league year began and drafts are allowed, the report would be far more widespread.

On Friday with ESPN's 710 AM in Seattle, ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton surmises the same.

"If you know Mike Brown, and most people who've been around this league for a long time know Mike Brown from the Bengals, he's not going to cut and he's not going to trade Carson Palmer," Clayton said.

"Carson Palmer is not an option for any team, even if (it) means sitting out for the season and taking a one-year sabbatical. He is not going to be available."