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Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco Thinks His "Time is Up"

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We've speculated about Chad Ochocinco's future in Cincinnati for some time now. Even though Ochocinco has been positive, most fans and NFL analysts believe that Robin will not be in stripes along with Batman (Terrell Owens) when the 2011 season begins.

However, when asked what he thought about the possibility of the Bengals drafting Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green in the first round, Ochocinco not only said that Green would be perfect, but that he felt his time was up in Cincinnati, and even went as far to say that his head coach, Marvin Lewis is "mean to him."

He'd be perfect,i've done all i can,my time is upRT @bengalrypo: @ochocinco if the Bengals take A.J. Green do u think they are letting u go?less than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

I love Cincy,but coach Lewis is mean to me now so I think I am gone :(RT @philpoling: @ochocinco sounds like someone wants outta Cincy? lolless than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

It truly will be the end of an era. Not only will Carson Palmer no longer be with the team, but neither will its all-time leading receiver for the first time in a decade. There is no question that this is the right thing for the team to do and is the best move that they could make for the future of their offense, but, when you really think about it, isn't there a part of you that's a little sad to see him go?

Chad never got in trouble with the law. He was never too terribly negative. For a long time, he made football in Cincinnati fun to watch. Unfortunately, he did what all aging wide receivers inevitably do: lacked in production. It was bound to happen soon or later. But, now that it's likely right around the corner, I, for one, find myself a little sad about knowing that the Bengals will let him go.