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Georgia Bulldog WR A.J. Green Can See Himself on the Cincinnati Bengals

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It is looking more and more like the Bengals and long time wide receiver Chad Ochocinco will be parting ways before the 2011 season begins, especially now that Ochocinco has admitted that he even believes that his time is up.

It is also looking more and more like the Bengals will use their No. 4 overall pick on Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green to ensure the future of the Bengals' wide receiver corps. As the draft gets closer and closer, mock drafts have gotten more and more similar as a clearer picture of what teams will do has developed. Most of those mocks, including our own at Cincy Jungle, have the Bengals taking Green at No. 4.

It makes sense, too. Even if Chad Ochocinco sticks around for one more year, he, Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson, the Bengals three most experienced receivers, will be free agents after the 2011 season, leaving only Jordan Shipley and Shay Hodge on the roster. On top of that, A.J. Green seems to be one of those Calvin Johnson-ish receivers that only come around once in a long while.

Well, even if you don't see Green being selected with the fourth overall pick by the Bengals, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, the man himself can see it.

"I can definitely see myself playing for them," Green said. "I’ve had good meetings and visits with them."

"They were good meetings. The coaching staff seems pretty laid back and I got along with all of them," Green said.

Green would be a good pick for the Bengals. He possesses rare talent for the wide receiver position. Even though he scored low on the Wonderlic, NFL analyst Todd McShay says that, "Some of the results at the combine weren’t exceptional but when you study him on film, he’s as savvy and football intelligent as any receiver in this class."

Green could also help the Bengals new quarterback, whoever it is when the season starts, adjust to the pro game in the same way that I'm sure Calvin Johnson helped Matthew Stafford. Any rookie quarterback would welcome a wide receiver as talented as Green.

This draft, though, will be different from others in recent memory. The lack of a CBA and the semi-locked out state of the NFL (I'm not good with the legal mumbo jumbo, if you can't tell), will cause teams, especially teams with desperate needs like the Bengals, to pass up the best player available so they can pick the best player available in the position that they need the most.

For the Bengals, that would be quarterback. So, for the first time in a while, no one, not even Mel-Todd McKiper, as Paul Daugherty puts it, will know exactly what the Bengals are going to do.

Fear not, Bengals fans. The draft is just a day away. You can slide back from the edge of your seats soon.