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Perfect Trade Partners With The Bengals: Falcons Reportedly Looking To Trade Into The Top Ten Of The 2011 NFL Draft

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According to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, the Atlanta Falcons are looking to trade up from their 27th overall selection into the top ten, "seeking (an) explosive outside threat" in either Georgia's A.J. Green or Alabama's Julio Jones.

Our first instinct is, why not a trade with the Bengals?

Swapping first round picks, giving the Bengals the 27th pick overall puts them into the more desirable position to draft one of their targeted quarterbacks in TCU's Andy Dalton or Florida State's Christian Ponder; both of whom are rumored to be making strides on team's draft boards, possibly moving into the first round.

Cincinnati gets their first round quarterback late on Thursday while acquiring the additional selections that the Atlanta Falcons would have to sacrifice for making the leap early into the first round. Maybe Cincinnati gets another third and fourth rounder, providing additional picks for personnel in the secondary, at wide receiver and even at running back. Wouldn't the opportunity to draft additional players, helping to fill overwhelming gaps on the roster, be more valuable than one wide receiver who would catches passes from a quarterback that probably isn't even on the roster yet? And do you risk watching Dalton and Ponder drafted before the second round selection?

True. Cincinnati is largely believed to be favoring a wide receiver in the first round by many experts, so why would the Bengals trade away the opportunity to select Green or Jones? We've largely disagreed with this assessment, mostly because the fourth overall selection still seems rather high for a position that generally requires more than one season to transition from college to the NFL. Additionally, after Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell closed the 2010 season strong, both receivers, along with Jordan Shipley, should be given an opportunity to show what they can do for a full season while the team rebuilds the rest of the roster.

It's not like we're expecting big things from this team anyway in 2011. This will be a rebuilding year and even going .500 seems unlikely. So allow Simpson and Caldwell to start, implement the quarterback selected late in the first round and use your additional picks for other areas of concern on the roster.

I'll drive to Atlanta to make the arrangements.