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Mike Mayock Mock Draft: Bengals Select Georgia Wide Receiver A.J. Green

Todd McShay. Mel Kiper Jr. Joe Reedy. All have the Bengals selecting Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green going to the Cincinnati Bengals during Thursday night's NFL Draft. Add NFL Network's Mike Mayock -- not to be confused with a Mynock found in the belly of a beast that lives inside the cave of an Astroid (just Google it, man).

In his first ever mock draft Mayock reasons that

"I struggled with this pick. Could easily be a quarterback, but Green has a rare skill set. I almost picked Blaine Gabbert here, but I really believe with the uncertainty over T.O. they go Green here."

To be honest, this is the first time that I've seen Terrell Owens directly used as the reasoning for selecting Green. First of all, lets replace "uncertainty" with "no way in hell". No only are the Bengals unlikely to bring Owens back, the general feeling is that Chad Ochocinco has played his final game with the Cincinnati Bengals.

That being said, we still don't necessarily agree with the selection (we're not going to bore you for the 15th time this month as for why). However, we understand the reasoning and if the Bengals decide to go that route, it's not like we're going to go on a walk-about to rediscover ourselves. And really, if he is as everyone claims, then it's not like we won't get value with the pick either.