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Make Your One Stop For The NFL Draft

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You're sitting at work while reading this when that sudden reminder hits you; tonight is the first round of the NFL Draft! Some of you sigh a relief like, "finally, it's here". Others are anxious, wondering whom the Bengals will view as the best player available to them. Most of you are ready to get rolling regardless, watching the minutes tick away in the system tray of your computers as if we're back in high school.

That being said, here's how we're going to attack today.

Throughout the day, we'll post stories of interests, rumors on whom the Bengals could be drafted, or other draft rumors and how that affects the team's fourth overall pick. We'll conclude our "Best Draft Picks" series also. We'll have analysis of the first round.

If you're looking to get out of the house for the first round, Jason will be hosting a draft party Willie's Sports Cafe on Glencrossing Way where you can win prizes while drinking discounted adult beverages and food.

If you're staying home, load up We'll have open threads, analysis and pretty much all you'll need for tonight.

As if it weren't enough, we'll rinse and repeat for Friday and Saturday. So I fully expect all of you to join us and take part in the 2011 NFL Draft.