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Rick Gosselin Mock Draft: Bengals Select Georgia Wide Receiver A.J. Green

Earlier this week the Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin surprised us in a mock draft that had the Bengals selecting Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller. Not only did it surprise us, it made us think: now that wouldn't be such a bad selection at all. Carlos Dunlap wraps around the edge with Geno Atkins pressuring the quarterback up the middle. Suddenly Miller does his best Flash impression opposite of Dunlap as the two sandwich the quarterback. Nice.

Instead that short-lived dream turned into a reality of conspiracy that the Cincinnati Bengals draft pick is already selected, a destiny of sorts not dissimilar to Lost (season six version).

During his latest mock draft on Thursday, Gosselin updated his selection and picked Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green.

This is the only shot the Bengals have of luring Carson Palmer out of retirement. Draft the best receiver in college football, release Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, and give Palmer a clean canvas to resume his career.

Really. There's actually a chance the Bengals that Palmer returns? Though in fairness, we believed to make Palmer happy, Chad would have to go. However, there's no evidence that Palmer will return if he gets what he wants. It's basically leave or retire. Nothing else.