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Brian Billick Mock Draft: Bengals Select Georgia Wide Receiver A.J. Green

Brian Billick found a home on television once his head coaching career came to an end following the 2007 season. As if required by law, much like needing a license to drive, Billick followed the example of virtually every man on Earth -- including Bob in Paraguay -- releasing a mock draft on Wednesday. For the Bengals... you know, you should know by now whom the experts are selecting for Cincinnati in their respective mock drafts.

Billick. No different.

With Green, both Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco are expendable, and Green is a future star. Maybe this will be enough to convince Carson Palmer to play. If not, the Bengals can address the quarterback vacancy through free agency.

This is the second time that drafting Green has strongly implied that it could bring Carson Palmer back, ditching his trade me or I'll retire campaign. Sounds nice. But as we pointed out in Rick Gosselin's Mock Draft, there's no evidence that Palmer has any demands to return. He's either traded, or retired. Nothing in the middle exists with that man.