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Colorado Cornerback Jimmy Smith Failed Three Drug Tests At Colorado

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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn, cornerback Jimmy Smith failed three drug tests while at Colorado "and he told at least one club that one of the three was for misusing codeine."

Smith also told teams of his two alcohol-related violations, the pair of abortions that were paid for by parents of women he impregnated and an arrest for third-degree assault in a restaurant.

Draft experts will have to create a new flag color to donate the character risk of someone similar to Jimmy Smith's past at Colorado.

The result of his character flags is that he'll likely slide in the NFL Draft, even though some consider Smith to be the best cornerback in the draft.

"I think Jimmy Smith will be a shutdown corner," said Don Gregory, director of college scouting for the Carolina Panthers. "He's got that Rod Woodson size. He's a press guy. When he wants to play, I think he can be one of the best."

The question is how far he falls. If the Bengals go with wide receiver A.J. Green in the first round and a quarterback in the second, which they are largely expected to do, the team will eventually have to address the cornerback position.

With Johnathan Joseph's contract expired and heading to free agency, the Bengals have to be aware that Leon Hall and Adam Jones are playing on the final year of their existing contracts. By this time next year, the Bengals could lose all three cornerbacks.

If Smith falls to the third round, he'd be a steal. Additionally, he'll be paired up with Jones, who had his own history with character questions, but has largely repaired his image. But the question of Smith's character will make even the Bengals hesitant.