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Bob Holtzman: Bengals Not In Love With Quarterbacks Cam Newton Or Blaine Gabbert

ESPN's Bob Holtzman was originally a reporter for Cincinnati's WCPO from 1996-2000 before joining ESPN. Now Holtzman is a bureau-reporter for ESPN in Cincinnati. During a draft update on ESPN Thursday, Holtzman provided an update on the Bengals, largely saying that the Bengals will not be drafting a quarterback in the first round. His transcript:

"If there's one thing we can say with near certainty, it's that the Bengals will not be moving up in the first round in order to draft a quarterback. They will draft a quarterback at some point in this draft, but it does not sound like it's going to be in the first round. One executive told me they don't think there's a Carson Palmer in this draft. They aren't in love, or at least don't seem to be in love, with either of the top two quarterbacks Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert."

"I think the most likely scenario, the Bengals would love to trade down in the first round. Probably take either a wide receiver or a defensive player and then possibly grab their quarterback maybe in round two or round three.

"One thing to keep in mind, is that this Bengals coaching staff coached in the senior bowl. They are very familiar with all of the quarterbacks that who are slated to go at the end of round one into round two and round three with the exception of Ryan Mallett. Ryan Mallett did not play in the senior bowl, but almost everyone else, from Andy Dalton to Christian Ponder, and all of those guys did.

"I'm told by Marvin Lewis that they like two or three guys of the guys in the second-tier of these quarterbacks. So more than likely, you going to see the Bengals take a non-quarterback in round one, and look to get a quarterback in round two or three."