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Falcons Not In Talks With The Bengals To Trade First Round Picks

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Sports Illustrated's Peter King wrote that the Atlanta Falcons were looking at moving inside the top-ten in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Fox Sports' Jay Glazer has confirmed King's report, saying that Atlanta is "trying to move into the top-seven for Green, Julio Jones or Patrick Peterson." Glazer writes that the Falcons are in talks with the Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers as "the most likely spot."

We wrote at the time that Bengals would be ideal trade partners for both teams. Atlanta would get the player that they wanted and the Bengals, pending reports that Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder could go in the first round, could trade down to get the quarterbacks that they've reportedly targeted while picking up additional picks.

The Bengals have reportedly told teams that they were willing to trade out of the fourth spot and ESPN's Bob Holtzman reported that the Bengals would love to trade down in the first round.