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Second Round NFL Draft: Cincinnati Bengals in Position to Draft Their Guy

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Watching the Cincinnati Bengals draft is like watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory - you pretty much always know what you're going to get. You'll kick it off with a heated discussion about who could win in a theoretical fight between Batman and Spiderman, throw in some sexual innuendos and then top it off with some nerds being intimidated by a large former football player.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The 2010 NFL draft was a lesson in the predictability of the Bengals drafting. Many of us here at the Jungle had to eat crow for pulling for the dynamic receiver out of Oklahoma State, Dez Bryant despite the fact that drafnicks and insiders around the country were predicting that the Bengals were going to take the Jermaine Gresham. Well, the draftnicks were right, and the Bengals picked up a pass catching TE that set Bengals rookie records.

This year, everybody and their mother predicted that the Bengals were going to select Georgia wide receiver AJ Green, and even though we tried to spice things up here at the Jungle by pushing for Patrick Peterson to be the pick, it turned out that everybody (and their mother) was right. Day one of the draft was nothing short of predictable and day two might prove to be the same.

There are some big names on the board that the Bengals could choose from, none of those names is bigger than Da'Quan Bowers, the top pass rusher in the nation out of Clemson. Bowers, who was formerly considered to be a top five pick in this years draft, slid because of concerns about his knee, which might have to undergo micro-fracture surgery to be healed. Still, the thought of putting Bowers on the opposite side of Dunlap makes me want to go punch somebody with excitement.

Do you think the Bengals are going to pick him? Neither do I.

There really seems to be only two options for the Bengals for their second round pick, and both of them are quarterbacks: Ryan Mallett and Andy Dalton. The surprise pick here would be Ryan Mallett -- not because he's the lesser talent of the two -- but because it's been widely rumored that Jay Gruden is in love with Dalton. There's not a guarantee that Dalton is going to be there, but it might take quite a feat for somebody to trade up in front of the Bengals to grab him, particularly if you consider who the trade partners might be.

You could make a case that Buffalo might be in the market for Dalton, but I don't see it. When there were rumors about them selecting Blaine Gabbert, it was about his high ceiling and having a chance to learn behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Dalton doesn't fit that mold. Arizona also missed out on a QB in the first round, but the common wisdom is that they'll go after one of the veteran QBs once free agency starts. San Francisco would be the most likely candidate to want to trade up to get Dalton, but they would need to move up 11 spots to do so. After that, the only team with a second round pick to give up that might be interested is the Seattle Seahawks, but they would have to pull off a Falconeque move by trading up twenty three spots in the draft.

I could sit here and spin my wheels about why the Bengals should draft a player like Da'Quan Bowers, but honestly, if Andy Dalton is available when the Bengals go on the clock with the third pick in the second round, does anybody doubt that it will happen?