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Second Round NFL Draft 2011: Ryan Mallett Says He'll Reward The Team That Drafts Him

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We assume the Cincinnati Bengals war room is filled with so much security, that Langley would have been easier to infiltrate during the Cold War. That being said, we can make accurate enough predictions on the Bengals second round selection and be comfortable with that.

Based on the predraft rhetoric during the weeks leading up to the draft, Jay Glazer's tweet that the Bengals were "still in it" trying to trade up late into the first round, the Bengals are going to draft TCU quarterback Andy Dalton if he's available with the third selection in the second round. If he's not there, then the Bengals will draft Arkansas' Ryan Mallett.

And Mallett witnessed falling out of the first round, largely expected and felt a little disappointment. But he announced that the team that picks him will be greatly rewarded.

"Whatever team is going to be smart enough to pick me, we're going to make something happen," Mallett said late Thursday night. "I just want to play ball, that's what I say. I'm not disappointed. I mean I'm disappointed, but I have a chance to play in the NFL, so I'm not too disappointed."